Media Production

The Way World Outreach

Our Role
Media Development
The Way World Outreach

My goals within The Way World Outreach was offering support and knowledge in Production, Media, and Marketing.

Whether that meant building roles for others to follow, creating guidelines and manuals, or simply demonstrating techniques directly, as with my Hosting.

The contract was Part-Time, but I was essentially on-call for any support roles necessary relating to these applications.

• Director, Producer for Livestream Broadcasts
• Screenwriting / Hosting for Video Content
• Content Distribution Systems
• Creation of Digital Marketing Campaigns

These productions were supervised under a Director of Media for The Way, a Hollywood Lead Producer, & In-House Junior Director.

I was to facilitate as Assistant to these three gentleman, acting as the liaison for vision execution, guidance to our Hosts, and creating a conducive environment to the execution of these on-site shoots.

Hosting Reels

My hosting experience was as a total were occasional appearances in the internal announcements for the Church.

These videos frequently featured my screen writing for numerous hosts other than myself.